June 26, 2019

About BeVolleyball


BeVolleyball.net started as a volleyball community, where every person who is enthusiastic and passionate about volleyball can find useful information, participate, contribute, share opinions and discuss ideas. BeVolleyball.net emerges as the Volleyball Community where all the players in volleyball and beach volleyball have their homeplace.


Every person involved in volleyball can find useful information for their personal development in a team or project they work on. We share with you the diverse point of view of our collaborators coming from all around the globe in both volleyball and beach volleyball. You can just stop by and share your volleyball skills, latest experience or get a constructive feedback on an idea/opinion that you have.


In the current world situation we want to support all people linked to volleyball to find opportunities for professional and personal development, to turn their passion into their career. We provide job offers from various volleyball and beach volleyball Institutions and Clubs. In BeVolleyball.net Careers you can publish advertising of what type of professional you are looking for in your Club, University, School, Company, etc. and we will support you to find talent among our Community.

Our Mission, Values and Vision


Our mission is to connect people who are passionate about volleyball, providing useful information, and a place for them to share opinions and discuss ideas with other passionate volleyball people all around the world.


We believe in passion, commitment, integrity, dedication and cooperation. We live a life fulfilled with positivism and we believe in spreading the good vibes and news in the volleyball world. We believe in helping people’s development in professional and hobby volleyball.


BeVolleyball.net emerges as the Volleyball Community where all the participants in indoor volleyball and beach volleyball have their homeplace. We aim to be that necessary meeting point in Volleyball, where the power of our knowledge and our shared experiences brings us together. This allows us to help each other and be useful to other people involved in our beautiful sport, to help them succeed and make their dreams happen.

Our Team

The BeVolleyball Story Blagovest Petrov



Sports entrepreneur and innovator. Former professional volleyball player currently playing and coaching beach volleyball. Co-founder of Association of Volleyball Players (AJJV) and nowadays developing technology and video analysis in sports to help teams and athletes to win.

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Dr. Bozhana Ivanova bevolleyball beach volleyball community

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

Team Architect

UX designer, interested in team architecture, angel investments, successful project management, strategy development and implementation. The combination of creativity and sports shapes the best leaders and team-mates in every aspect of life. 

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Martina Ivanova Profile for BeVolleyball


UI/UX Designer

Front-end developer, UI/UX designer, Scrum master and a happy beach volleyball camper. Martina enjoys doing her work and keeps the attitude of a person that transforms victory into an every day activity. 

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Aitor Canca profile in BeVolleyball

Aitor Canca​

PR and Careers Specialist

Former professional volleyball player with a large background playing in countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Algeria and Spain. Director and Founder of Endisportma Sport Management. Co-founder and Member of the board of  Association de Jugadores de Voleibol (AJJV).

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Andre Mata profile picture for BeVolleyball

André Mata​

Social Media Setter

Multitasking designer and entrepreneur, co-founder of the agency Atelier 5D. Professional indoor volleyball player and a social media enthusiast specialized in successful online campaigns.

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