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We decided to share with you the story of

First, in March 2019 BeVolleyball was just a dream – an idea of our founder, Blagovest Petrov, who is so passionate about bringing all volleyball and beach volleyball people together. He had this vision of creating a healthy community that encourages the development of skills and mindset that help you become a better player.

Later, in April 2019 Dr. Bozhana Ivanova joined the team. We became a team of 2 people and our first task was to create our strategy, set goals and estimate the amount of work we need to do. We decided to work in a fully agile way (in Scrum, 2 weeks sprints). The Trello board was created, The Google drive was set and our project was good to go. The next big challenge was to choose the domain (the name of the website).

After some brainstorming in May 2019, we choose – we bought the domain and the website was born. It was time to create our branding, so we needed a talented designer. Luckily, Andre Mata, who is performing well not only on the volleyball court but also in the field of design, joined the team and took care of the whole branding process.

In June 2019 after the content and design were in place, Martina Ivanova joined BeVolleyball and created the mobile version of the website. She also took the role of a Scrum master of the team.

In July 2019 Aitor Canca – another great team member joined us and started posting volleyball job offers. People actually found jobs in volleyball via We got excited by the change we make and started social media posting for each article we publish in our blog. We, soon, reached 1000 Instagram followers (Dec 2020) and this was one of our first milestones.

Then, in 2020 we faced the time of lock down (Feb – June 2020) and we decided to use it wisely and work hard in order to publish interviews with very inspiring people in volleyball, including coaches, players and sport scientists.

In July 2020 Andre Mata designed our first team T-shirts. This was a great step forward towards the creation of our own BeVolleyball brand. Meanwhile, we decided to improve our SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing and social media presence in order to inspire more people.

In September 2020 our founder Blagovest Petrov and his beach partner won 2nd place in the beach volleyball cup of Catalonia. It was clear – Blagovest’s passion for volleyball can be seen not only in the work he put into, but on the court, too. We’re so proud of him for living our values and inspiring others by being such a great role model!

And now, please, let me end this article with a personal story. I lost a dear friend of mine a few days before my birthday in January 2020. I was out for a quiet and calm birthday dinner when our founder called me in a video chat and sang for me Happy Birthday. He kept singing till he makes me smile and trully appreciate the moment. You see, BeVolleyball is much more than our love to the sport. BeVolleyball are the people – the community and the kindness in each one of us. BeVolleyball is the spirit that can be seen in the way we supported each other during the lock down or in the smile on the face of each team member when our founder became an uncle. BeVolleyball is our passion that makes us reach out, that unites us, that always makes us push each other forward and reach our goals together.

Here we are today – BeVolleyball – the community that supports you to transform your passion into your career, that supports you grow and inspire others.

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