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Perform Ready LogoFor the fans of body culture and the team players out there we got in touch with the team behind Perform Ready.  It is a great new opportunity to understand more about yourself and about your team!  The team presents there purpose:

“Each person holds so much power within themselves. Sometimes they just need a little nudge; direction, support, coaching.”
~ Pete Carroll (Football)

Our vision at Perform Ready is to find that power in every person that works with us and provide exactly the support and coaching they need.
Whether we work with professional athletes or in corporate environment, our goal is to create a context in which high performance is possible. But we also like to keep an element of play in our coaching and workshops.

Perform Ready-action types bevolleyballWe use a variety of tools to develop our athletes and clients. Obviously, for athletes, strength training, sport specific training and nutrition form the basis for every performance. But nobody realizes their potential without the right mindset. In corporate environment, we also integrate movement and cognition. Our go to approach is the ActionTypes® approach and we believe it is the most complex and best approach out there to free people’s natural ability to move, think and just be their most confident selves.

For all the volleyball players out there, this approach can help you individualize your training on so many levels. How does it work? Well, first of all we test your profile through a couple of kinesiological tests. Then we get to work based on your individual profile. In terms of strength and conditioning, your profile can help you understand what kind of strength training you need. Should you do more plyometrics or more concentric work? Should you move your shoulder girdle and hip separately from each other or “en bloc” to generate power? Once we profiled you, we can tell you more precisely what you need.
In terms of volleyball specific skill, ActionTypes can help you move more efficiently. It addresses questions you might have already asked yourself: what is the best way for me to approach in order to be able to see the blocker and defender? What is the most efficient way to move my feet before passing and what should be my starting position for passing in order to integrate information best?
These things can make a hell of a difference if you want to make it on a professional level where the margin of error is small and basically every player is really good. Being able to train for a longer period of time because you are staying healthy and free of injury certainly gives you a nudge, too.
Perform Ready professional player coaching

Our idea is not only to make you move better, but also to enable our players to reach a higher level of self-confidence.
Performance = potential – interference. Timothy Gallwey’s decade old equation still guides our understanding of what an athlete needs in order to reach their full potential. We address the mechanisms that appear to limit performance under stress: perceptual inefficiencies, inappropriate action selection, and disruptions of movement automaticity and fluidity.
At Perform Ready we prepare athletes to find their individual strengths, trust them and use them as needed. Move well. Think Freely!

If you are curious and want to know your profile, shoot us an email at, check out our website at or follow @grasshopper09 to be the first to know when our perform-ready Instagram account will set off. Hint: it is going to be soon!

We from BeVolleyball hope that this article encourages you to inform yourselves, because our aim is to give you the fresh info connected to volleyball and beach volley. Soon we will all be able to go out and do all the outdoors activities we love, so you can start your plan right now!

Stay healthy, enjoy your time and for more interesting articles – check our Blog and the Stories we have for you.

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