Interview with Miguel Ángel de Amo, České Budějovice and Spanish NT setter

Hello Miguel Ángel! 

Thanks for being part of the BeVolleyball Community!

Hope you are healthy and safe! How are you doing at this particular time?

Hi and thanks! I’m good and my family is too, so this time at home was OK. I’m just relaxing my mind from the stress of competition, working to improve my home and pass the time out of volleyball enjoying the time at home. It’s been a long time since I’ve been at home for so many days!

Everyone has a story, how did you start playing volleyball?

My family was a volleyball family, my parents were players, coaches, and referees so how many other options did I have? 🙂 I’ve been watching volleyball since I left the hospital after I was born because my mum took me directly to my father’s match. My mum was my first coach at school but I think she was my coach also at home until I arrived at school cause after every match of my father I wanted to take a ball and play with my mum and my brother, 2 years younger.

Going back two years ago after receiving the offer from Ceske Budejovice, what you thought and how was your decision taken to play in Czech R.?

Before going to Czech Republic I already have heard b very good things about the country. Many Spanish people are going every year to visit Prague and everybody speaks very great about beautiful places and very nice people. Now I’m adding myself to these comments.

So it was an attractive offer from the beginning because of the place.

Then I was asking to other players who had play in the club and everybody told good things about it, serious work, payments on time , big sport ambitions …etc

So I started to seriously study the chance of being part of Ceske Budejovice, and at the happy end it was the winner’s decision.

In your first season you made a magic double title year in Czech Championship in your first year and now you won your second Cup in a row! How is the feeling of winning two titles in your first year in the Czech Championship?

It was an amazing feeling! At the beginning of the season I couldn’t expect something like that when I decided to play in Czech Republic. You always dream about making a perfect season, we know rarely dreams come true but this time it happened and I´m very happy about it!

What are you impressions about the country, the city, the people, food etc

Czech Republic is a good country to live in, with nice people who made me feel really comfortable during those seasons. In addition, I like the food, the cities and town, as well I like the people, I just need to learn some more Czech language 😉

Czech Championship is well known for having very competitive teams, what are your impressions about the Championship, the teams and the organization?

I feel that the federation is working hard and making a good job to make an attractive championship.

They understand volleyball is a spectacle and the games are often on TV, which attracts more people and makes them enjoy our beautiful sport.

About the teams, there are 4 stronger teams by names but as this year happened a team who works good like Ostrava wasn’t fighting for the title.

The league has very good and physical players, young generations are coming very strong and I think the level will go up next year when youngsters get some more experience on the court.

Could you tell us some tips that helped you and could be relevant for other foreign foreing players who want to play in the Czech Championship?

You must work more than the locals, you are a reinforcement of the team, normally as a foreigner you get a better salary which means more responsibility than local players and you must show this not only during matches, but training, resting period etc.

Basically you are a professional player 24/7 and give examples as well to the young players.

Regarding your Champions League participation, Ceske Budejovice displayed a great performance in a strong group with the 2 italian giants Lube Macerata, Trentino plus Fenerbahce where you had some big wins. How you felt playing those teams and what is your evaluation of your participation in the Champions League this year?

This year in the CL we hadn’t any pressure and we had enjoyed every point against those amazing teams with big stars! I was smiling the whole match cause I felt that we could hurt them. It was a pity that we didn’t win against anyone of the italians. We were close but they know how to manage every difficult situation at the court thanks to their amazing championship where every weekend they have to give their best. With Fenerbahce , was different. For sure everybody thought that they were stronger, but the first victory in Istanbul gave us wings and i think that all players in Budejovice were sure that we can win at home even if they have some big names and a much bigger budget.

Recently you extended your contract for two more years with Ceske Budejovice. Congratulations!
What would be objectives ahead of the team and your personal ones?

Yes, I had some other proposals but why change when u feel like at home? Objectives in Budejovice will be the same as the last 15-20 years…Fight for every title in Czech Republic and give our best in the European competition. We have great fans and many spectators every match and this is a big pleasure for every player. Last 2 seasons were very good for me personally and I gave a good Volley there. When everything its ok there’s no need to change

What skills and attributes a good setter needs to have?

My vision is that a setter must be Smart and mentally calm to analyze what’s going on during the game, how middle blockers are playing against the other coach is trying to change some things to “fight” against you. It’s the funniest part of the game for me, but also the most difficult. The team must believe in you because you are the director of the orchestra!

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