Interview with Mihail Stoev IBB Polonia London

Mihail Stoev is a playing as an outside hitter in the British team IBB Polonia London. We asked him a few questions and here is what he shared with us:

1. How did you take the decision to play abroad?
I think that is the dream of every young professional, to practice profession of the highest level, meet the best and exchange experience with them, which include changing clubs and countries.

2. Tell us about the country, food, drinks, people, culture etc.
I currently live in London. As we all know here are clashing many cultures, many different nations and live all together, which is amazing. You meet all kinds of people on daily basis and many cultural things make more and more sense afterwards. Here you can find whatever cuisine you like, and of course traditional fish and chips at every corner. Preferred drink here is the beer, everyone is drinking beer all the time, if someone wants to meet you is more likely to invite you for beer than for coffee.

3. Impressions about the championship and the teams?
In the local league, competition is always between 3-4 teams. Most of the good teams in the countryside build good teams around the university programs, where many athletes from US are coming to gain their master degrees, and make the eventual transition to the professional level in Europe. Our club is based in London and the many business possibilities London offers, make out club attractive for many players.

4. How did you feel, what is your experience?
Playing here is very different to playing in the countries I have played before. But that makes me learn everyday something new. And the game is so interesting that you can’t slow down as you never know what your opponents are capable of.

5. Tips for people who are thinking to play in a British team?
Playing here is for open minded people, you have to be able to adjust to the situations as here is changing all the time.

6. What are your expectations and objectives for this season?
I expect us to win the league and the cup of the country, and good performance on the European stage, where we are going to play Champions League, and eventual drop to CEV cup. Our objective as a club are to do so, and to promote high quality volleyball in England and popularize it.


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