Interview with the beach defence player Issa Batrane

We asked the professional beach volleyball player Issa Batrane a few questions and here is what he shared with us:

1. Why did you decide to become a professional beach volleyball player?
Playing the sport and the passion I have for it has made me want to play this sport on a professional level.

2. Which was the most memorable tournament? How did you feel, what was your experience?
The most memorable competition for me was definitely my U21 World Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland. It was the first time a British team had ever qualified for the World Champs and for me only my 2nd year playing the sport so the feeling was just electric. The experiences I take from there have made me into the player I am today.

3. Tips for people who are thinking to play beach volleyball professionally?

The biggest tip I can give is to just make sure you have the same passion for the sport when it is going good and bad because in the rough times it is that passion that keeps you going.

4. What are your expectations and objectives for this season and the near future?
I am now entering into a new partnership with a very young but talented blocker so for us it will be starting again in lower events and trying to win some medals before the 2nd round of the Continental Cup Olympic qualification tournament in May 2020.

5. What are the core qualities for success of professional teams in your opinion?
Passion, Hard Work, Resilience and Team Work are the 4 that come to mind for me.

6. What you get excited about?
I get excited about so much in life! Cooking, going out on my bike and exploring new cities! Hanging out with friends and so much more helps me enjoy my time away from playing the sport I love! Hopefully soon i’ll start a website showcasing what I enjoy as technology is also a passion of mine. 🙂

When you want to follow Issa and his team on Instagram here is your opportunity: issabatrane, beachteamgb.


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