Interview with the Latvian beach blocker Edgars Točs

The pro beach volleyball player from Latvia, Edgars Točs gave us an interview, so we are sharing with you his answers to our questions.

1. Why did you decide to become a professional beach volleyball player?
 I had lots of fun playing beach volleyball so I went from volleyball to beach. 

2. Which was the most memorable tournament? How did you feel, what was your experience?
Hague 4 star tournament, in which we won gold – it was my first world tour medal! 

3. Tips for people who are thinking to play beach volleyball professionally?
Never give up and wait for your chance. Because hard work sooner or later always pays off. 


4. What are your expectations and objectives for this season and the near future?
Be ready for Olympic games!

5. What are the core qualities for success of professional teams in your opinion?
Strong body and mind! Good partner to play with! Have a coach! Be able to practice and do the same stuff every day – being persistent is a lot!

6. What you get excited about?
Spending time with my family and friends! And of course being in competition and compete with the best players of the world.

You can follow the Latvian blocker and his team on instagram as e.tocs  and plavinstocs and on facebook as Plavins/Tocs.

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