Interview with the Swedish beach player Martin Appelgren

The Swedish right side defender Martin Appelgren is not only a player, but also a beach volleyball coach. We asked him some questions and here you can read the his answers.

1. Why did you decide to become a professional beach volleyball player?
Because I really liked the mix between independence and team work that this sport offered. No substitutes and only one teammate to collaborate with. It suited me well.

2. Which was the most memorable tournament? How did you feel, what was your experience?
I have two special ones. The first time I qualified to an international competition was a huge success and a great memory. It was on a side court in Vaduz with almost no people watching. We won 15-13 in the third set against a strong German team and it just felt unreal to make it into the tournament!
Another memorable tournament was the first time I won the Swedish Tour finals. The setup and feeling was totally different compared to Vaduz, with a packed stadium court in the middle of a city. I remember that we played extremely well and it was overwhelming to win the last match of the season in front of friends and family!

3. Tips for people who are thinking to play beach volleyball professionally?
Train hard and smart and don’t make excuses! Have an open mindset and search for different environments to train. Search for new knowledge and try to use it to constantly improve your game.

4. What are your expectations and objectives for the near future?
I’m currently preparing for the 2020 season. I’m working hard on the things I wrote above in order to improve as a player. My expectations is to be a better player and keep improving.

5. What are the core qualities for success of professional teams in your opinion?
To be dynamic is definitely a key. And to complement each other. I also think its important to have a good communication within the team and form strategies to win as a unit.

6. What would you say to all the hobby players out there?
Take time and appreciate that you found the greatest sport there is! And make sure that you travel and visit other clubs and communities to make some new beach volley friends!

You can support Martin on instagram by following him @martinappelgren.

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