Interview with Tiago Pereira, UVC Holding Graz–Season 2018/2019

Here it is! The first interview, that we have for you is with the outside hitter Tiago Pereira. He is playing for UVC Holding Graz in season 2018/2019. We asked him a few questions and here are his answers for all the fans.

1. How you take the decision to play abroad?

The decision to play abroad is never easy. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration. The economic aspect, the competitive aspect, the family aspect, the quality of life in the destination country, among others.
In my particular case, since my girlfriend went with me, the economic and competitive aspect “spoke louder” and the decision was relatively easy.

2. Tell us about the country, food, drink etc. ?

Expectations were clearly exceeded. Austria is a very organized country that provides a great quality of life. The city of Graz in particular is fantastic. It is a university city that makes it to have a lot of life.
Regarding food, unfortunately it is not at the level of Portuguese cuisine, but neither is a disappointment. The schnitzel, cordon bleu, cevapcici among others are very tasty.

3. Impressions about the championship and teams?

The championship in the season 2018/2019 was made up of 7 teams. The team that occupies the 1st place (Aich Dob) did not give much chance to the others. Then Waldviertel and Graz had an interesting fight for 2nd Place. The remaining 4 teams are quite balanced.
The fact that there are only 7 teams makes them play with the same team 4 times and in case of more playoff at least 3. This makes the championship a bit heavy.
In terms of the longest trips we had is 4:30h and all the trips are made by bus.
In relation to UVC Holding Graz I can say is an organized and honest club. It presents good conditions for athletes. This year I was lucky to debut the new sport park and the games were very attractive.

4. How you felt, what was your experience?

As a first experience abroad it was practically perfect. Loved the club, the city, teammates and the coach. It came from a Portuguese championship that has an acceptable level but that in terms of economic and visibility to other countries is far behind.
I think the club will be able in future years to fight for the championship and that makes the project very attractive.

5. Tips for people who are thinking to play in an Austrian team?

It is important to know where the club is located (in which city, town, village …?). There are clubs that sometimes aren’t in a city, and spending 8/9 months in a place where we don’t feel comfortable will be very complicated and we may not be satisfied.
I think the club will be able in future years to fight for the championship and that makes the project very attractive.
You decided to stay one more year defending the colours of UV Graz. What are your expectations and objectives for this season?
The main goal is to be Champions. It’s pretty tough but the team is strong and close together and they know that by slightly leveling up from last season that title is possible. This year I will be the captain of UVC Holding Graz which brings me more sense of responsibility and dedication. I expect a tough year with a very balanced championship.


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