Klara Perić interview for Be Volleyball: “You need to fuel your motivation with great inspiration sources”


Dobar dan Klara, thanks for being part of the Be Volleyball Community!

Dobar dan to you too! I am happy and honored to have this privilege to be part of the Be Volleyball Community.

Hope you are healthy and safe! How are you doing at this particular time?

Minding the situation of COVID-19 and how it affected our daily lives, I’m doing fine. With a little bit of reading, studying, and working out, my day gets comfortably busy. And I hope that you guys here at the Be Volleyball Community and your readers are staying healthy and safe too!

Everyone has a story, how did you start playing volleyball?

My story begins twelve years ago, back in the days when I was such an energetic kid, and my parents struggled to keep me inside the house. One day, my father, a volleyball coach, decided to take me with him and show me his training session with the senior team. Of course, it was love at first sight, and every single day from that training session, I kept annoying my father and asking when will I be able to sign up officially. One week passed until I stepped on this colossal life-altering path, and here I am today, living the life of a professional volleyball player.

You are a young and talented player who has already played in many strong leagues in Europe. Could you share with us your experience and where you felt the best?

Even though I am young, my career is indeed an interesting one. I am now 22 years old, but I have been playing volleyball professionally for the past four years. My entire career has been like a roller coaster ride, filled with ups and downs, but as I look at it from today’s perspective, I could not be more grateful for everything volleyball provided and taught me. Each season writes its own story, so I cannot pinpoint a single club where I felt the best. However, if I have to say what makes you feel safe and content in such environments, it’s your teammates, club members, and fans. I was lucky enough to meet so many kind-hearted and beautiful souls throughout these years with whom I share beautiful memories indeed.

What is the best moment in your career until now?

On the other hand, career vise, my most significant accomplishments or moments until now were winning Croatian Cup 2x and once Croatian Championship, definitely the entire experience of Women’ Club World Championship in Manila and lastly, reaching the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup with my Slovenian team.

What skills and attributes a good setter needs to have?

Based on my experience and knowledge so far, what makes one setter successful is his or her strong work ethic and the ability to stand as the most reliable team member, a true leader

Where do you find inspiration? Who inspires you?

That’s an excellent question. Motivation is crucial in achieving your goals; however, to accomplish them, you need to fuel your motivation with great inspiration sources. In my case, I find my inspiration in the lives of highly successful athletes. Thus, my long time favorite is Allyson Felix, an American track and field athlete whose entire story keeps inspiring me until today’s date.

Last but not least, what you would like to achieve in the upcoming years?

Getting back to my career and its future, I have in plan to dedicate myself even more. It’s not just a thing of being a better player skill-wise, but it’s also a matter of maturing mentally. However, even though it may look scary now, my Aries is looking forward to every challenge that will cross my path.

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