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Hi David,

Happy New Year!


Congrats on your initiative on funding Play Positive Academy!

Could you tell us more about this amazing project and how more people can live his passion and make its dreams true throughout this project?


Volleyball is one of the fast-growing sports in Tanzania. For quite a long time now,

Mwanza, the second largest city in the country has been the hub of volleyball talents

who went on to compete at the national semi-professional league with flying colours.

Despite the love and passion of the game demonstrated by the stakeholders, we are

still facing a number of challenges including playing infrastructures, equipment, small

fanbase as well as a proper system of nurturing raw talents.

We believe the proper way of promoting any sports is through reaching out to youth

and instil the passion so that they can grow up to become great players and even

passing down the same passion to the next generation for the greater future.

As a player, I grew up seeing a lot of young talented players striving to make their

way to the top and they end up being clueless because they donโ€™t have the right

people to take them through the journey โ€“ this is why I came up with an idea of

starting Play Positive back in 2019 to share my experience with less-fortunate

talents, as a semi-professional player.

To hit the ground running, I organized my first ever clinic session back in July 2020

which brought together 50 kids from four nearby District namely , Nyamagana and

Misungwi to equip them with technical abilities as well as encouraging them to keep

pursuing their volleyball dream.

What is the mission of the project?


Create conducive environment for less-fortunate kids to enjoy Volleyball at a young

age while pursuing the professional career.


By conducive environment I mean;

-Talents identify and expose them to the world.

-Playing equipment and proper trainings

-Proper guidance towards the pursuit of professional journey

-Positivity towards sports (Demonstrate the power of sports in addressing various

key issues in the society and its ability to employ youth)

What are the main challenges that you are facing?ย 

I could resume it the following way:

Lack of sufficient playing infrastructures i.e playing courts

Lack of equipment i.e balls, jerseys

Lack of youth tournaments to give youth experience

Networking to expose out talents to the international arena


What does the future look like?


Would be important to have proper playing infrastructure and equipment to train.

As well do exchange programs where kids will get a chance to be trained by professional

coaches as well as playing against the well-trained youth teams so that they

can gain more experience.

I addition to that we would like to partner with junior and senior level schools to recruit more kids.



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