Swiss Snow Volleyball Team: πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ “We want to bring this amazing sport to the Olympic Games one day”

Hi guys!

Thanks for being part of the BeVolleyball Community!

Everyone has a story, how did your story with Snow Volleyball started?

Actually, some of us started this path around 10 years ago. Raphael Zurgilgen and I played some Snowvolleyball in Switzerland then. Just for fun πŸ˜‰

Since 2018 we are part of the Tour and we played most of all Tournaments till today.

Are you switching and playing other volleyball, like indoor or beach?

We all came from Professional Indoor &/or Beach-Volleyball and played some years on the highest level here in Switzerland. Now we really try to focus on Snow Volleyball and even during Covid we tried to keep in shape.

What do you like the most about Snow volleyball?

Snowvolleyball is a lifestyle. We have so many friends from around the world which are addicted to this new sport as well. Our friends from overseas like Giba the Indoor legend to Troy Field the Beach Volley ACE from the USA are really snowvolley freaks.

What would be the perfect equipment to play? Any advice to be well prepared?

It always comes to the shoes. That’s the first question I hear every time. Shoes are definitely the most important part in snow volleyball. A good pair of Soccer or american football cleats can bring you the stability you need on the icy ground.

The initial rule of playing 2×2 in Snow was changed to play 3×3. How different is playing that way and what are your thoughts about it?

First, we as players were really angry. We were scared about the possible decrease of teams which would come to the tournaments and also teams which will stop playing because of that. But it was different, it is a new game now and it became something unique and gave us the possibility to do some tactical things like changing during games and adding setters or blockers to the game.

Do you think snow volleyball has good commercial potential in Europe and around the world and what you think is needed to further develop this sport?

Actually, we need time and all the Federations should give their best to make this sport big.

Until now we do a good job. People always try to look away to new things until they actually see their potential.

What are your objectives and goals for the next few years?

We want to place ourselves in the Top5 Teams. We would also like to go to the tournaments with two teams and get also Juniors for our Sport. And it should also be a goal to get a Medal on the CEV or FIVB WorldTour.

A far goal is to bring this amazing sport to the Olympic Games one day.

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