Tanzanian volleyball player David Neeke: Volleyball is a great sport because it unites people, no matter skin colour, religion or nationality!


Hi David,

Thanks for being part of the BeVolleyball Community!


How are you doing at this particular time? What is the situation overall in Tanzania?

I’m doing amazingly well, We thank God everything is good here and all sports events are running smoothly.

Everyone has a story, how your story started with volleyball?

I started to love soccer before I started playing volleyball because the place I grew up in was easier to know soccer than volleyball and every kid wanted to play soccer by that time, one day I wanted to go and learn volleyball and that was the day I started to love volleyball. This was 2007.

What do you like the most about playing volleyball?

Volleyball is a great sport because it unites people no matter the colour of our skin, religion or nationality..Volleyball teaches me so many skills not just on court but off as well, playing on a team teaches me to work with people you might not be friend with if you were not forced to play together..Volleyball also helps me stay active constantly giving me a reason to workout and play volleyball, it teaches that being active and eating healthy can benefit you both on and off the court.

Who was your main inspiration for you to keep growing as an athlete?

For me I think it was my brother and my coach who inspired me to play volleyball as a kid.

We have Community members all around the world, could you tell us more about Volleyball and Beach Volleyball in Tanzania?

Volleyball is one of the fast-growing sports in Tanzania. For quite a long time now, Mwanza, the second largest city in the country has been the hub of volleyball talents who went on to compete at the national semi-professional league with flying colours.

Despite the love and passion of the game demonstrated by the stakeholders, we are still facing a number of challenges including playing infrastructures, equipment, small fanbase as well as a proper system of nurturing raw talents.

We believe the proper way of promoting any sports is through reaching out to youth and instil the passion so that they can grow up to become great players and even passing down the same passion to the next generation for the greater future.



In the next part David will share with us his amazing project Play Positive Academy.
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