How was Volleyball different in 2020 for the local community in Kerala, India

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Would you like to introduce yourself?

Jithin John bevolleyball

My name is Jithin John, I was born on 20.12.1992 in India (Kerala). I finished my Bachelor degree in Civil engineering and Master degree in Structural engineering. As a student I played as a state volleyball team captain and won prizes twice in U-17 and U-19 state volleyball championships. When I completed my education I became a volleyball coach.

I have played indoor, beach, grass and water volleyball.

As a hobby I have also played football and I do Yoga, I am also ayurveda and trigger point body massagist.

You can reach me at email: jithin427[at] or at my instagram profile.

Could you please tell us more about your experience in Volleyball and your passion?

I have 20 years of experience in volleyball. While I was playing I also was helping my father as a coach. When I finished my education I focused on coaching (both indoor and beach). Now I have 6 years of experience as a volleyball coach. I teach children in my hometown, as well as other people from the city. There is no age limit. We train both men and women volleyball teams and it is for free, so everyone who is passionate is welcome to join and develop their skills in volleyball.

People here are poor, so my father and I give free volleyball coaching. We aren’t earning anything and we don’t have any helping hand, as well as equipment. We built the volleyball courts ourselves. We are struggling but we help the poor people in the region develop their skills. We also give free volleyball coaching seminars to the local junior and senior volleyball teams.

My father, John, has been a volleyball player and a coach since the time volleyball was not popular in my sub-district. My father teaches indoor and beach volleyball and the number of his students is constantly increasing.

Was the volleyball in 2020 different than usual and how?

Yes, not only volleyball… Everything was different in 2020. Only one reason you know was the pandemic. Another one was the flood in Kerala.

We just planned to play river side. We set a volleyball court between the river side and the sea side. Due to heavy rain the water level in the river increased, everything was flooded and the volleyball courts were filled with water. We played on the court and at that time the color of the water changed. This is why you can see on the video the dark color of the water above the court which is surrounded by the clear water flowing in the river.


The video was shot on 26 March 2020.

What would you like to say to the people who are passionate about Volleyball around the world?

Volleyball is a great and very interesting game. We can play the same game in a different field. We can play:

  1. Indoor volleyball;
  2. Beach volleyball;
  3. Grass volleyball;
  4. Snow volleyball;
  5. Water volleyball.

Volleyball can be funny but also serious, it can be difficult but we can enjoy it. It makes the mind free. It gets the body in good shape and makes it more powerful. Therefore, my family’s love and life is Volleyball.

If you have one volleyball wish what would it be?

To play, organize beach volleyball camps, keep coaching professionally but also to be able to earn enough to provide for my family with my work in Volleyball.



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